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Marriage Equality in Maryland

After a successful prayer breakfast and clergy press conference with Marylanders for Marriage Equality, equality supporters gathered in the state capital Tuesday for the Senate Proceedings Judicial Committee hearing regarding Governor O’Malley’s Civil Marriage Protection Act. Hundreds of supporters clad in red packed the Senate hallways in anticipation of the hearing. As they awaited the hearing, equality supporters lobbied their Senators and Delegates. One HRC supporter, retired Air Force Veteran James Chaffin, talked to his delegate, veteran to veteran, asking for their support of the bill.   

Opponents and proponents of the legislation were each given two hours to testify. Due to the time constraints, witnesses were limited to two minutes to share their thoughts with the committee. Clergy, lawyers, doctors, families, and political leaders such as Stephanie Rawlins Blake all spoke in favor of the marriage equality bill.  Governor O’Malley led off the pro-equality testimony with eloquent words, “This bill balances an individual’s civil marriage rights with the important protections of religious freedoms for all,” O’Malley said. “And because it protects both of these inalienable rights, it is supported by a broad coalition of Marylanders, which includes clergy, community leaders, faith-based organizations, civil rights groups and those who hold the most important title of all in our democracy, and that title is citizen.”

For more information on how you can get involved and help pass marriage equality in Maryland, please email David Turley at

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