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Marriage Equality Advocate Beth Robinson named “Vermonter of the Year.”

beth-robinson_VTI’ve known Beth Robinson for over ten years, getting to know her best after her success in bringing the issue of equal rights for same-sex couples before the Vermont Supreme Court.  Her success led to the Vermont legislature creating the then unheard of term “civil unions” in July, 2000. When I lived in Vermont I worked closely with Beth and her team to protect this historic victory by helping re-elect the legislators who took the first brave steps in our country and voted in support of civil unions.  Beth is tenacious, smart and a Vermonter to the core.  I have learned from her.  She is not only “Vermonter of the Year” according to the Burlington Free Press, but a true hero of the fight for LGBT equality and an American hero. Send your own personal note of congrats to Beth:

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