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Marriage Coalition in Rhode Island Holds Media Training

The following post is from Dawn Euer, Field Organizer for Marriage Equality Rhode Island:

One of the best things about working on the marriage equality campaign is the wonderful people I've been meeting.  Along with wonderful people come amazing stories.  This past Saturday, Justin Ward, GLAAD Media Field Strategist, joined us in Providence.  Justin led a media training for a group of Rhode Islanders who are helping fight for marriage equality.  Justin began the training by explaining the importance of the media as part of our social dialogue.  After a brief lecture, attendees had the opportunity to practice interviewing, with Justin as the interviewer.

Two of the training participants, Al and Nancy, are parents of three children.  During their mock interview, Al spoke with obvious love for his children.  He told us that he wants each of his children to be happy and that included being able to marry the person they love.  We also heard from Bill and Ernie who have been together for 20 years.  They had to go to Canada in order to get married and want their relationship to be recognized in the state they call home.  The many stories I heard on Saturday highlighted that the time is now for marriage equality in Rhode Island.

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