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Marcus Bachmann’s Clinic: A Closer Look at Reparative Therapy

It’s no secret that Michele and Marcus Bachmann are rabidly anti-gay, and that Marcus Bachmann’s clinic – which has received $137,000 in Medicaid funding – allegedly performs reparative therapy. Nearly 22,000 people have signed HRC’s petition calling on GOP presidential candidates to publicly condemn this dangerous practice and the Bachmann’s support – add your voice to the growing ranks.

The Bachmann’s support for reparative therapy isn’t just bizarre and far out of the mainstream – it’s dangerous. The results can include depression, loneliness and even thoughts of suicide. In fact, leading medical organizations like the American Psychological Association and the American Psychiatric Association have strongly condemned the practice.

Here are a few more reparative therapy factoids, just in case you need a clearer picture of how fringe this practice is:

  • According to CNN, a patient at Marcus Bachmann’s clinic in 2004 was told reparative therapy would lead to God performing “a miracle and [he] could no longer be gay.” The patient was told if initial treatments didn’t work, his alternative was to live a life of celibacy.
  • While arguing that same-sex attraction doesn’t necessarily equate to being gay, the National Association for Research & Therapy of Homosexuality makes the case that those “trapped” in the gay “sexual habit pattern” face life-threatening conditions.
  • One man who participated in reparative therapy for 12 years says one-third of the 15 men with him in the program at the time ended up taking their own lives.

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