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Making Waves Against NOM in Minnesota

NOM's Anti-Equality Text Campaign: SUBJ: Alert MSG: Tell Mark Dayton and DFL to Stop Attack on Catholics! 651-797-3600

Not only was this weekend Halloween, a time when tricksters of all sorts come out to play, but it was also the traditional kickoff to Get-Out-the-Vote (GOTV) efforts for campaigns big and small.  Sometimes these events go hand in hand, for better or worse. 

Here in Minnesota, the unholy political alliance between the National Organization for Marriage (NOM) and the Catholic Church hierarchy reared its ugly head once again, and not in a fun Halloween sort of way. On Saturday, NOM launched a cell phone texting campaign aimed at angering Catholic parishioners against Mark Dayton (and the DFL), a staunch marriage equality supporter and leading candidate for Governor among Catholics in the state.  The question is – where did NOM get the list of cell phone numbers they used considering many text recipients were Catholic DFL members with no affiliation to the group? Did the ultraconservative Church hierarchy, under the leadership of Archbishop John C. Nienstedt, provide the list to NOM? We do know the Church spent millions to distribute anti-marriage DVDs to lay Catholics across the state –which is the “treat” part of this story. 

Lucinda Naylor, a 15-year veteran as artist-in-residence at the Basilica of St. Mary in Minneapolis, decided to do something about the church’s action here.  Lucinda gathered 2,000 DVDs from Catholic households across the state to construct her sculpture entitled “The Wave.”  As Lucinda puts it, “The Wave is about the Spirit of inclusion and love, which is sweeping though the Catholic Church as it continues to change, as usual from the people up to the hierarchy.”  One thing I have seen from Minnesota’s Catholics during my six weeks on the ground here is that our friends in the pews are far wiser than those who purport to “lead” them.  Lucinda’s sculpture opened to rave reviews this weekend.  To find out more about The Wave project or upcoming showings, please visit With Election Day tomorrow, it’s time for the tricks of anti-equality groups such as NOM and their allies in the Catholic Church to stop – and for commonsense Minnesotans to treat us to the change we can all believe in.  It’s time that the voices of the masses speak together as one to overcome the hatred of the few.

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