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Make the Call

Post submitted by James Servino, HRC Online Fundraising and Advocacy Manager

We're about a month away from Election Day and the ballot fights for marriage equality in our four key states – Washington, Maryland, Minnesota, and Maine – are really tense.

HRC's latest tool, Call4Equality, is the easiest, most effective way for you to make a difference in this fight.

Using the power of Facebook, Call4Equality will create a call list of everyone you know in these key states with ballot initiatives, then give you a personalized script so you can urge them to vote and volunteer. As you make calls, you're earning points which can get you some very nice HRC prizes. Beyond that, you'll know you're helping mobilize an enormous grassroots force.

Just take three minutes and check out Call4Equality now. Mobilize your friends in the marriage battleground states to get the vote out next month.

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