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Maine Campaign Manager Spells Out Case for Marriage Equality

Mainers United for Marriage; Matt McTigheIn an opinion piece for the Bangor Daily News earlier this week, Mainers United for Marriage campaign manager Matt McTighe explained why same-sex couples want to marry.

Same-sex couples want to get married for the same reasons that other loving, committed couples do. They want to stand in front of their friends, family and community, take their vows and join a stabilizing institution that is at the heart of society.

They want to say “I do” when asked whether they will love, honor and respect their partner. And they want to say “I will” when asked about standing together in sickness and in health.

Most of all, they want to be married so they can tell the world that they are ready to accept the responsibility and commitment that goes along with marriage.

Matt also writes about the tens of thousands of conversations on marriage that have happened in Maine over the past few years.

Mainers United for MarriageSince 2009, when voters narrowly repealed a law that allowed same-sex couples to marry, a coalition of dedicated organizations and volunteers has been working tirelessly to connect with Maine voters. So far, they have knocked on more than 110,000 doors, made more than 90,000 telephone calls and had more than 50,000 conversations.

I say “conversations” because that’s really what they are. We recognize that Mainers are still getting used to the idea of marriage for same-sex couples, and many of them have questions and concerns that are rooted in their tradition and, in some cases, their faith. By sharing our stories one-on-one, we’ve been able to listen as well as talk, and what we’re hearing is encouraging.

Matt has spent years working for LGBT equality, including as a staff member at the Human Rights Campaign.

HRC senior regional field organizer Karl Bach joined Matt and the team at Mainers United this week.  To find out more about the campaign to win marriage equality in Maine or to get involved, contact Karl at

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