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NOM has released a heavily edited video of Maggie Gallagher’s recent appearance on Al Jazeera opposite HRC Director of Communications Michael Cole-Schwartz.  Not surprisingly, NOM’s version of the exchange cuts out pretty much everyone but Maggie and her increasingly outdated arguments against marriage equality.

Check out their version of events:

As is evident in the exchange, Maggie has some trouble getting the numbers right when it comes to Americans who support marriage equality. Here are just a few more for her:

  • 53 percent – the percentage of Americans who, in a 2011 Gallup poll, supported marriage equality.
  • 63 percent – the number of Americans who believe gay and lesbian couples deserve legal recognition.
  • 54 percent – the percentage of New Jersey voters who support marriage equality, despite Governor Christie’s veto of historic legislation that passed the State Legislature.
  • 66 percent – the percentage of Catholic Millennials who support marriage equality, according to a 2012 Public Religion Research Institute poll.
  • 85 percent – the percentage of people of faith who say their religious beliefs lead them to the conclusion that LGBT people should be treated equally under the law.

Just a few stats for Maggie to consider.

Check out the unedited, untouched-by-NOM version of the Al Jazeera segment:

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