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Love Conquers Hate: High Schoolers Triumph Over Westboro Baptist Church

This post comes from HRC staffer Bryce Romero:

Love really does conquer hate.

Waving their assortment of hateful signs, members of the Kansas-based Westboro Baptist Church arrived on Monday at Clayton High School in Clayton, Missouri, to find an outpouring of love.

Love for the LGBT community, that is.

Hundreds of Clayton High School students, teachers and members of the Clayton community donned "Love Conquers Hate" t-shirts and came out in force to drown out the intolerant hate speech dished by the Phelps clan. Although WBC only sullied the grounds of Clayton High School for 30 minutes, the lasting impact of the community’s positive counterprotest speaks to the true power of love and equality.

Check out the video below of the amazing counterprotest from the local Fox affiliate.

Photo courtesy Clayton High School's David Hoffman

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