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Local Kickoffs Continue Throughout Greater Minnesota

This guest post comes from field organizer Allie Breyer:

The energy against the anti-gay marriage amendment here in Minnesota continues to spread throughout the Twin Cities and Greater Minnesota. Just a couple weeks ago in Burnsville, 200 Dakota County residents turned out to show their support for Minnesotans United for All Families and to tell their neighbors that they are voting NO this November. The incredible amount of work by staff and volunteers to build a winning team in the region is paying off. For the next five months we will be constantly pushing folks to start the tough but necessary conversations with their neighbors and friends.

It was a wonderful experience. I love working on this campaign because our leaders and volunteers are so willing to share of themselves -  not just their time but also their very personal stories and journeys. We are creating a more inclusive and welcoming community in Minnesota where neighbors will feel like they are united on many more issues and will also feel like they can be the change they want to see in their communities.

It is going to be a challenging five months but after an event like this one, I know we will be able to build a successful and talented volunteer team, and beat this thing in November!

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