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Live Free or Die - Countdown In New Hampshire

This post comes from Regional Field Organizer Trevor Chandler.

It's been an incredible few months here in New Hampshire, with every week bringing news of legislators who have pledged to vote against the repeal of marriage equality.  We’ve been gaining momentum since early last year when more than 700 supporters of marriage equality flooded the statehouse for a Judiciary Committee hearing, but conservative lawmakers are still poised to force a vote on repeal of marriage equality in the coming weeks. 

With 400 representatives in the House, New Hampshire provides a unique challenge in getting out the message in support of marriage equality. To do this, Standing Up for New Hampshire Families volunteers are calling voters from phone banks in Concord, Nashua, Keene, and Manchester.  So far, we have generated thousands of contacts with legislators from voters in their districts. This has truly been a grassroots campaign with my fellow Granite Staters, Republican, Independent, and Democratic, making their voices heard against repeal.

It's not hard to see that the people of New Hampshire are with us – poll after poll has shown that more than 60% of Granite Staters oppose repeal of marriage equality, including a poll by the nonpartisan University of New Hampshire Survey Center that put the number at 62%. In addition, this poll showed that there are twice as many people who strongly oppose repeal as there are people who strongly support it.  We’ve seen the intensity of support first hand in the responses we get from the New Hampshire voters we've been calling daily who not only commit to calling their legislators but who then come every week to volunteer.

Born and raised in New Hampshire, I grew up with our state motto “Live Free or Die” ingrained in everything I do.  I am so proud to be a part of the team here on the ground working to defend marriage equality. With our incredible team of volunteers, I believe we’re going to ensure New Hampshire lives up to its motto.

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