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Limitless Possibilities to Defeat Anti-Marriage Amendment in Minnesota

This post comes from HRC Minnesota Political Consultant Leah Solo.

The possibilities for the campaign in Minnesota to defeat the anti-marriage amendment seem to be limitless. Having already secured the endorsement by 4 political parties in Minnesota, a press conference on Thursday featured prominent Republicans joining the coalition to defeat the anti-marriage amendment.

Republicans Against the Minnesota Marriage Amendment and Log Cabin Republicans, along with several prominent Minnesota Republicans joined Minnesotans United for All Families, the campaign to defeat the anti-marriage amendment. Several Republicans spoke at the conference:

“I am a life-long Republican, a Republican candidate for Governor and the U.S. Senate, a supporter of every Republican president and Tim Pawlenty’s candidacy for the presidency and I believe there is nothing in the Republican value system that would justify a marriage ban in our constitution,” said Wheelock Whitney.

Representative John Kreisel, a Republican and Iraq War veteran said, "I fundamentally believe in limited government.  It's the reason I’m a Republican and why I do not support an amendment that looks to define marriage as between one man and one woman."

This press conference cemented the idea that this campaign will be truly nonpartisan and is growing to include people from all parts of Minnesota.

The next day, Minnesotans United for All Families had a presence at the 18th Annual Twin cities National Coming Out Day Luncheon presented in partnership by Cargill and Quorum.  This luncheon features leaders and employees of Minnesota businesses.

We signed up dozens of volunteers, met people from many Minnesota businesses willing to come out against the anti-marriage amendment. After the luncheon, guests were invited to stay and listen to a question and answer session with Richard Carlbom, the Minnesotans United Campaign Manager and Tom Horner, a prominent Minnesota leader.

With 13 months to go until election day, we are growing at a tremendous rate here in Minnesota!

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