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LGBT Workplace Equality: Encouraging Companies to Participate in the Corporate Equality Index

Corporate Equality Index 2012When the 2012 CEI report was published at the end of last year, we were thrilled with the results: 189 companies scored a 100 percent on the most stringent scorecard in the CEI’s 10 year history, and earned the title “Best Place to Work for LGBT Equality.” With the deadline to participate in the 2013 Corporate Equality Index survey and report just two months away, we encourage companies to join their peers in striving towards best practices in LGBT workplace equality.  

The CEI is the nation’s leading benchmarking survey on LGBT workplace inclusion, providing in-depth analysis and guidance for the largest U.S. employers. In its 10 year history, the CEI helped incite a seismic shift in how corporate America views LGBT equality, highlighting how inclusion affects the bottom lines of productivity, recruitment, and retention of top talent.

Participation in the CEI is simple and meaningful. Each spring, we invite companies to participate in the CEI survey and report, to engage in the conversation about LGBT workplace equality, and to help fill the void left by a lack of federal workplace protections for LGBT workers. If your company has at least 500 full time U.S. employees, you are eligible to participate in the CEI. Simply email, and HRC will provide participants with a unique username and password to access the survey, which is completed entirely online and due back to HRC on July 27.

Even if a company never reaches a 100 percent on the CEI, participation sends a powerful message that workplace equality is a firm-wide priority. HRC is here to help all CEI participants – to guide companies through the survey, to provide additional details about scoring, and to provide resources to help participants meet the criteria.

We thank those employers that have already engaged in the transparent process of the CEI, and we invite others to join the process of becoming Best Places to Work for LGBT Equality in 2013.

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