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LGBT Non-Discrimination Bill Moving Tomorrow in Kansas Legislature

The Kansas Senate Federal and State Affairs Committee will debate and vote tomorrow on whether to send to the full body a bill to include sexual orientation and gender identity in Kansas’ non-discrimination statute.  Senate Bill 169 was originally recommended for passage by the committee in the 2009 legislative session, but was returned to the committee.  The Kansas state government had extended such protections to their LGBT employees since 2007.  In 2008 an independent nonpartisan poll revealed a supportive climate: 79% of Kansans agreed that it was wrong to fire an individual based on sexual orientation, and 68% of Kansans were in favor of legislation to end discrimination of LGBT persons in the state.  There is a strong positive trend in Kansas towards equality, and the passage of Senate Bill 169 to end discrimination against LGBT citizens will be the a major milestone.  We encourage everyone in the area to attend the Committee vote which will take place at 10:30 am in room 144-S of the Kansas State House in order to show your support. Contributed by Kiat Tanapad, Winter 2010 McCleary Law Fellow

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