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LGBT History Month Spotlight: Tammy Baldwin

This post comes from HRC Editorial and Digital Media Intern Leanne Naramore:

As we continue to celebrate LGBT History Month this October, we are recognizing the tireless efforts of LGBT Americans past and present to achieve full equality for themselves and future generations.

One person who fits that bill is Wisconsin candidate for U.S. Senate Tammy Baldwin. Not only has Baldwin represented Wisconsin in the House of Representatives as an openly gay woman since 1998, but she is running for the U.S. Senate in the November election. If elected, she would become the first openly gay Senator in U.S. history.

Baldwin is a champion of LGBT equality for several reasons. The most obvious is that she has lived openly as a proud lesbian woman throughout her political career. Because she operates on such a highly public stage, Baldwin has become one of the most prominent faces of the LGBT community.

She was a key player in establishing the Congressional LGBT Equality Caucus in 2008, the sole purpose of which is to repeal discriminatory laws and to achieve full equality for LGBT people. She has worked to end workplace discrimination, to win healthcare for all Americans, and to broaden the definition of hate crimes to include violence based on sexual orientation and gender expression or identity.

Her election to the U.S. Senate would mark a historic feat for LGBT Americans. HRC has endorsed Tammy Baldwin for many years, and we emphatically support her U.S. Senate run this November. To learn more about how you can support Baldwin’s campaign from now until Nov. 6, please visit

You can learn more about Baldwin and other pro-equality candidates for state and national elections at HRC’s Election Center.


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