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Laura Bush on Marriage Equality

In an interview Tuesday with CNN's Larry King, former First Lady Laura Bush indicated that she supports equality in marriage for same-sex couples.  Her husband of course took a radically different view while he was in office, going so far as to call for a discriminatory federal constitutional amendment to ban marriage and other rights for same-sex couples. Mrs. Bush isn't the first person to break away from a political spouse's point of view on marriage.  Earlier this year Cindy McCain posed in a photo for Adam Bouska’s NoH8 campaign and other high-profile individuals such as Elizabeth Edwards has joined the marriage equality bandwagon. On the one hand, it would have been welcomed to hear from Mrs. Bush before now -- particularly when dozens of states were debating and passing constitutional amendment to deny protections to LGBT families.  But her support continues to show how equality is not a partisan issue.  As we told ABC News: "When the right-wing was using same-sex couples as election year pawns and the president calling for a cynical constitutional amendment to deny people rights, we would have welcomed support from the first lady. Nevertheless, her speaking out for marriage equality shows that more and more Americans realize all families need the same rights and protections."

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