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Lambeau Leap for Equality

Post submitted by Paul Guequierre, Former HRC Deputy Press Secretary

With NBA center Jason Collins coming out earlier this week as the first openly gay male professional athlete in one of the four major American leagues, other athletes are coming out in support of him for his courageous move.  One of those athletes is former Green Bay Packers star LeRoy Butler. 

According to the National Football Post, Butler tweeted Monday, “Congrats to Jason Collins.”   Well that didn’t go over well with leaders at a Wisconsin church where Butler was scheduled to speak.  They cancelled his appearance, telling him they would reschedule if he removed the tweet, apologized, and asked for God’s forgiveness.

Butler’s response…. “No.  Only god can judge.”    

We thank LeRoy Butler, who invented the Lambeau Leap back in 1993, for making an Equality Leap.  Go Pack Go!

HRC Deputy Press Secretary Paul Guequierre & Online Fundraising and Advocacy Manager James Servino at Lambeau Field in Green Bay, Wisconsin

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