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Lady Gaga Ups Her Fight for Nation’s Youth, Launches Born This Way Foundation

Lady Gaga at the HRC 13th Annual National DinnerPost submitted by Paul Guequierre, HRC Staff

Lady Gaga shows once again she stands with our community and with the nation's youth. The longtime ally in the fight for LGBT equality, moments ago announced she is launching the Born This Way Foundation, a nonprofit organization which the Associated Press reports will focus on youth empowerment and “issues like self-confidence, well-being, anti-bullying, mentoring and career development.”

In a statement, the pop superstar said, "Together we hope to establish a standard of Bravery and Kindness, as well as a community worldwide that protects and nurtures others in the face of bullying and abandonment."

Lady Gaga has made social justice issues a top priority.  During the effort to repeal “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell,” she spoke eloquently and loudly about the need to repeal the discriminatory law, even taking service members discharged under DADT as her dates to the MTV Video Music Awards.  She also made an appearance at the 13th Annual HRC National Dinner in 2009.  Most recently, Gaga has talked about the need to address bullying in the nation’s schools. 

Click here to read the AP article on the launch of the Born This Way Foundation.

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