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Knoxville, TN Mayor Tells Pride Crowd ‘It’s Okay to Say Gay’

Post submitted by Eric Cameron, HRC Digital Media Specialist

This weekend at Knoxville Pride, Mayor Madeline Rogero received loud cheers of appreciation for proclaiming, “In our City Hall, it’s okay to say gay.”

Mayor Rogero introduced a citywide employment non-discrimination ordinance back in April, banning discrimination in the city workforce on the basis of sexual orientation or gender identity. The bill passed the City Council by a 9-0 vote.

The pro-equality ordinance marks a refreshing change of pace in Tennessee, where State Senator Stacey Campfield’s notorious “Don’t Say Gay” bill made headlines this spring.

The bill, which would have banned classroom discussion of sexuality“inconsistent with natural human reproduction,” passed the Senate but was ultimately pulled from consideration in the House.

Watch a clip from Mayor Rogero’s speech below:

H/T Towleroad

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