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KKK Leader Says Uptick in Membership Due to Gays, Hispanics

​Post submitted by Charlie Joughin, HRC Press Secretary

Despite the tremendous progress we've made in the fight for equality, we still see troubling reminders that hatred is alive and well. Most of us can get past the “birther” claims of Orly Taitz and Donald Trump, or the anti-LGBT rants of people like New Jersey teacher Viki Knox.  But the truth is there are people out there – people who historically have used violence to get what they want – who irrationally blame the world’s problems on LGBT people and other minority groups. 

This week, the Durango Herald in Colorado revealed that a number of white supremacy groups, including the Ku Klux Klan, are reporting an increase in membership over the last few years.  Cole Thornton, an Imperial Grand Wizard of the KKK, claims gays and lesbians are the cause. Check out his eyebrow-raising comments:

“People are seeing things finally. With whites’ low birthrate, we’re losing them to white homosexual relationships – they don’t reproduce – and interracial marriage – and to abortions on demand. Plus, immigration’s astronomical with Hispanics,” said Thornton. “I’m really pleased with the kind of people we’re getting in – college-educated, professionals, teachers – even a couple congressmen.”

But others disagree.  Jason Hiecke of the National Socialist Movement, America’s largest Nazi Party, attributed his group’s boost in numbers to the election of a black president – Barack Obama.  “No one should be governed by somebody who’s not of their own people,” said Hiecke.

Despite what folks like Thornton and Hiecke want people to believe, one of the core messages of the equality movement as that all people – regardless of sexual orientation, gender identity, ethnic background or religion – all deserve the same fundamental protections in society and under the law. Love conquers hate.

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