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Jewish Journal Ad: It is “Prohibited” to Vote for Pro-Equality Candidate

Jewish JournalPost submitted by Dan Rafter, Former HRC Associate Director of Communications

One day before a special election to fill a New York State Senate seat, a NOM-backed group is weighing in with a caustic attack on the pro-equality candidate, Lew Fidler.

The full-page ad reads, in part: “Liberal Democrat Lew Fidler Wants to Teach Same Gender Marriage to 6 Year Old Children…It is Prohibited to Vote for Lew Fidler!”

As Good As You’s Jeremy Hooper reports, the group running the ad is Jews for Morality, a group NOM supports financially. And it’s a much less offensive (though offensive nonetheless) version of a letter they previously distributed, in which they called being LGBT “immoral behavior” and a “disgusting lifestyle’” that should be “destroyed and eliminated from the world.”

Despite this, NOM continues to claim their only purpose is to protection “traditional marriage.” That’s becoming an increasingly tricky idea for them to sell.


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