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Jason Mraz joins Americans for Marriage Equality

​Post submitted by Charlie Joughin, HRC Press Secretary

Today we released a video featuring singer-songwriter Jason Mraz for our Americans for Marriage Equality campaign.  In the video Mraz says bluntly, “I believe that people have a right to marry the person that they love.” 

Jason lends both his voice and his music to today’s video.  His new hit single, “I Won’t Give Up” plays in the background as he speaks out in favor of marriage equality nationwide. 

About 53% of the American public supports marriage for same-sex couples, according to a number of nonpartisan polls, including Gallup, CNN, and Washington Post/ABC News.

Americans for Marriage Equality is a public engagement campaign featuring prominent Americans who support committed gay and lesbian couples getting married.  The campaign draws from a cadre of supportive professional athletes, film and music celebrities, and political and civic leaders.

For more information on the campaign or to see the videos, visit"">

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