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Indiana House of Representatives Remove Sentence Banning Protections for Same-Sex Couples

The Indiana House moments ago approved with a 52/43 vote an amendment to HJR-3 that removes the second sentence which would ban all protections for gay & lesbian families. We're now one huge step closer to keeping HJR-3 off the ballot this November.   
With the halls and chamber of the statehouse filled with the red shirts of Freedom Indiana volunteers and others opposed to the resolution, it was clear to the legislators present that there was overwhelming opposition to moving this language forward.  While stripping the second sentence doesn’t get rid of the entire issue, it does show that the legislators are hearing from their constituents, and they are listening.
A vote on the resolution could come in the House as soon as tomorrow afternoon.  We can’t let up the pressure now.  Please contact your representative now and ask them to vote against the resolution when it comes before them.

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