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Hundreds of Vets will take DADT Fight to Capitol Hill on May 11 “Veterans’ Lobby Day”

The following post is cross-posted from the Veterans Lobby Day Blog: Three hundred vets, and growing. But it’s not enough. We are on the path of creating the biggest veteran-focused lobby day on DADT in history. Veterans from around the country – from Massachussetts to Florida, from California to Virginia, from Indiana to Ohio to West Virginia – are coming to represent not only their home state, but their individual capacity as veterans who have dedicated a portion of their lives to serving the United States. They are the constituents who understand “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell” better than anyone else, understand the military better than anyone else, and therefore can speak to the issue from an informed and passionate perspective. Three hundred veterans. But we can do better. There are over one million gay and lesbian veterans. There are millions more straight supporters in the defense community. We need every able body to come to the lobby day and let their member of Congress know that they cannot be on the wrong side of history. The time is now, and we need you, and every veteran you know, to help us out. We’re a week away from another historical day in the fight to repeal DADT. Let’s make it big, let’s make it powerful, and let’s change the course for the better. Jarrod Chlapowski is an HRC Public Policy Advocate on DADT and a veteran of the U.S. Army.

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