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NOM Gets (More) Transphobic

Post submitted by Dan Rafter, Former HRC Associate Director of Communications

NOM is increasingly grasping for straws to support their anti-LGBT aims, but a blog post they ran earlier this week is really pushing their desperation to new levels. As part of their arsenal against marriage equality, NOM cites a UK newspaper article that claims the growing momentum of marriage equality is simply a fabrication of Hollywood.

…Ok. We can revisit the data that NOM is so fond of ignoring in a minute, but what’s really shocking about the article they link to is its blatant transphobia, at one point saying: “Tinseltown’s methods have never changed, but its politics certainly have. Can you imagine Bob Hope in 1956 throwing a telethon for transgendered rights? ‘Pick up your phones, folks. All we need is another $10,000 and we can make every bathroom in Burbank unisex…’”

So now, in addition to working against marriage equality, NOM is adding to its portfolio a propensity to elevate dangerous rhetoric against transgender Americans. By the way, the article NOM cites goes on to insinuate marriage equality will lead to polygamy. These are the types of articles NOM now uses to support their outdated arguments.

Perhaps the reason they’ve resorted to running opinion pieces from foreign newspapers is because they’re losing the battle at home: increasingly, majorities support marriage equality and oppose discrimination, to say nothing of the vitriol NOM elevates by linking out to this UK article.

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