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HRC Releases First Annual Edition of the Municipal Equality Index

Today HRC is proud to release the first annual edition of the Municipal Equality Index (MEI), a report released in partnership with the Equality Federation Institute and the Gay and Lesbian Leadership Institute that evaluates the laws and policies of 137 cities across the nation.  Cities in every region of the country are fighting for equality at the most intimate level of government, and this exciting report is an opportunity to celebrate the successes of the cities doing terrific work while also offering a path forward for cities that still have a long way to go.  It makes a case for why cities should invest in equal laws and policies, and it tells the stories of advocates who are doing terrific work at the municipal level.  Eleven of the 137 cities surveyed earned a perfect score of 100 points – these cities came from both coasts and in between, were of varying sizes, and not all are in states with favorable laws for LGBT people.

The MEI rates municipalities based on 47 criteria falling under six broad categories: non-discrimination laws, relationship recognition, the municipality’s employment practices, and the inclusiveness of city services, law enforcement, and municipal leadership. The municipalities are drawn from every state in the nation and include the 50 state capitals, the 50 most populous cities in the country, and 25 large, 25 mid-size, and 25 small municipalities with high proportions of same-sex couples.

Visit for more information about the Municipal Equality Index, including what we have in store for 2013!

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