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HRC’s Allyson Robinson Appointed New Head of OutServe-SLDN

Post submitted by Paul Guequierre, HRC Staff

Today our very own Allyson Robinson was appointed the new Executive Director of OutServe-SLDN, the association of actively-serving LGBT military personnel.  This historic appointment makes Allyson the first transgender person to lead a national LGBT organization. 

Following the announcement, HRC President Chad Griffin made the following statement:

“The LGBT rights movement is made stronger by the inspired appointment of Allyson Robinson as head of a critically important organization,” said HRC President Chad Griffin.  “As a West Point graduate, experienced officer and movement leader, she brings her extensive knowledge of the issues to this new assignment. What I admire most about Allyson is that she leads with her heart and that quality will serve our troops and veterans extraordinarily well as we continue the fight for full equality.”

Allyson has held several key positions at HRC.  She has worked to build transgender cultural competence and helped lead and manage HRC’s broad diversity and inclusion portfolio.  Allyson assisted in the development of state and local nondiscrimination legislative strategy, and has lobbied state legislatures in New Hampshire, Connecticut, Maryland and Nevada for inclusive employment nondiscrimination protections.  Most recently, Allyson launched HRC’s LGBT cultural competency organizational learning program, providing training in LGBT inclusion to organizations ranging from Fortune 500 companies to federal agencies to colleges and universities to NGO’s and faith organizations.  She remains one of HRC’s most requested speakers.

We will miss Allyson, but look forward to continuing our partnership with OutServe-SLDN, which will only be strengthened with her at the helm.

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