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HRC Supporter Hudson Taylor Launches Athlete Ally

A year ago, Hudson Taylor was a college wrestling champion who never missed an opportunity to talk about equality. You might remember our feature about him in HRC’s Equality magazine – he proudly wore an HRC sticker on his wrestling headgear to show his support for the LGBT community. Taylor, a straight ally, has since graduated and is now a college wrestling coach, but he continues to be an outspoken advocate for LGBT equal rights. In fact, Taylor has recently launched Athlete Ally, a social media campaign aimed at encouraging members of the sports community — athletes, coaches, parents and fans — to respect all people who are involved in sports, regardless of their sexual orientation and gender identity or expression. 

He is also working on a book on the same topic called The Athlete Ally: Empowering an Era of Leadership and Inclusion in Sports. More than 1,200 people have already signed a pledge to join Taylor in being allies for equality. “When athletes begin to lead, not follow, they become more aware of the impact of their words and actions on others,” he said in an interview in the spring 2010 issue of Equality magazine. Taylor wants to know why you fight for equality – share your story on his blog, Why Do You Fight? Also, if you’re a pro-equality athlete, find out how you can become an HRC Athlete for Equality.

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