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HRC Staffers Hit the Streets in VA to Repeal DADT

Staff members from across  HRC are volunteering to help push us over the line in getting DADT repealed this year. This week I joined Janice Hughes, HRC’s Director of Publications, in walking the streets of Alexandria, asking fair-minded Virginians to sign postcards to Senator Jim Webb urging him to repeal Don’t Ask Don’t Tell now. We stationed ourselves during rush hour at the King Street Metro stop, on the edge of Alexandria’s Old Town historic district, and then wandered up the cobblestoned streets where our first president ate, slept, worked and worshipped. We met a woman from a Navy family as we paused outside the door of her historic rowhouse. She enthusiastically signed a postcard while standing on her doorstep. Doing the footwork of advancing civil rights in this historic town follows on the actions of brave souls in its past, for Alexandria is a place where the civil rights movement blossomed, punctuated in 1939 by a “sit-down” by five young black men at the public library. Today we build on the determined actions of these young men when we stop and ask the people of Virginia: “Do you believe gays and lesbians should be able to serve openly in the military?” The answer we most often received: a slightly puzzled, “of course.”

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