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HRC Responds to ENDA Lies in Roll Call

Today's Roll Call newspaper features a letter to the editor written by HRC President Joe Solmonese responding to the so-called Traditional Values Coalition's op-ed on the Employment Non-Discrimination Act.  The paper also published a letter from Dr. Jillian Weiss, a respected law professor and an expert on ENDA.  Joe's letter follows: Dear Editor:   I was appalled to see, once again, the Traditional Values Coalition embracing lies and distortions in yesterday's Roll Call in their effort to fight basic job protections for lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender people.  Andrea Lafferty raises the specter of an unpopular vote for basic fairness, citing public disapproval on an entirely different issue, yet several national polls have shown nearly two-thirds of Americans support employment protections for transgender workers.  She wrings her hands about two cases where a teacher transitioned on the job, yet shows no evidence of harm or even inconvenience to students, and fails to note that 12 states, D.C. and more than 100 municipalities, not mention more than 40% of Fortune 500 companies, have successfully adopted these protections without the dire consequences she predicts.  In short, ENDA is about a core American value, basic fairness, and without the facts or numbers on their side, TVC has stooped once more to fear mongering.       Joe Solmonese President, Human Rights Campaign

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