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HRC Relaunches LGBT Student Scholarship Database

I am happy to report that the HRC database of scholarships available to LGBT and allied students has been updated and returned to its rightful place on the HRC website.

The database, which made its debut in 2008, was a vital step in providing assistance to members of Generation Equality who were pursuing higher education. We knew that frequently queer (and often allied students) faced obstacles in the pursuit of education – some due to negative experiences in the school setting or a lack of family support.

The database is an opportunity to connect students to the funding they so desperately need and deserve. The economy is still challenging and prospective and current students should be aware of and have access to these financial resources.   

Scholarships run the gamut from full and partial scholarships, from those that are available to students nationwide and those that are specific to a particular school to those that are available for particular majors or fields of interest. Alums are also playing more of an active role in establishing and funding scholarships at their alma maters.

Maintaining the database is a constant endeavor – new scholarships are announced on a pretty regular basis. When we first launched the database in 2008 there were just 160 scholarships listed. Today there are nearly 300 scholarships and that number continues to grow. If you have information about a new scholarship or one that you haven’t seen listed in our database please contact us and we’ll get the info posted.

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