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HRC President Chad Griffin to Our Members and Supporters: Thank You

Because of you, we just changed the course of history.

Equality landslideBefore Tuesday, we had lost in every single state that voted on marriage equality. Every single one.

Now the votes from Washington are in, and we've won FOUR OUT OF FOUR. A clean sweep.

This is a huge deal. Not only did we just eliminate the anti-LGBT talking point that the public is against marriage equality – we re-elected President Obama, sent dozens of our heroes to Congress, put Tammy Baldwin in the Senate, defended a judge in Iowa from a political hatchet job, and reinvigorated this movement. The victories were almost too many to count.

I can't thank you enough. Two years ago, we set out to build HRC's largest mobilization effort ever. The Washington Post reported yesterday that in the end, because of your unprecedented support, HRC was the single largest contributor to these ballot campaigns. And now, your years of support just made this the most impactful election night in LGBT history.

We're not done, by a long shot. Don't forget, most states still ban marriage equality and allow workplace discrimination. The federal government still doesn't recognize any same-sex couple's marriage. But if you've ever doubted that equality will win in the end, those doubts can now be put to rest.

You made this happen. Be proud.

With enormous gratitude, 

Chad Griffin

P.S. Here's how we actually did it.

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