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HRC President Chad Griffin on Gov. Brewer’s Attempt to Take Away DP Benefits

Chad GriffinPost submitted by Dan Rafter, Former HRC Associate Director of Communications

Earlier this month, we told you about Arizona Governor Jan Brewer’s move to strip some critical domestic partnership benefits – like health care – from state employees. Brewer is  asking the Supreme Court to overturn a Ninth Circuit decision that allows state employees to include their domestic partners on benefits, including health insurance. The Ninth Circuit denied a request three months ago to re-hear the case en banc.

Lambda Legal filed suit on behalf of LGBT Arizonans who faced losing their health insurance as a result, and together with their courageous plaintiffs, have successfully fought against the Governor’s discriminatory efforts in federal court. 

The Arizona Republic recently ran an op-ed from HRC President Chad Griffin in which he looks at how Brewer’s move particularly impacts same-sex families in Arizona:

One thing is clear: The governor is denying hardworking state employees the ability to provide for their families.

In taking this unprecedented action, she is sending a dangerous message to the diverse array of families that make up thriving communities in Arizona and across the nation.

This is a particularly harsh assault on Arizona's lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender families. Committed and loving same-sex couples are not able to marry in Arizona, leaving domestic partnerships as the most viable means of protecting their families. Children also stand to be impacted should Brewer have her way, ensuring that not only do state employees lose insurance, their dependents do, too.

Read Chad’s full piece.

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