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HRC Participates in Town Halls across North Carolina - First Stop, Greenville

This post comes from HRC Regional Field Organizer Chris Speer:

Since the passage of Amendment One, HRC has been partnering with Equality North Carolina, the ACLU, SONG, and several local organizations in a series of state-wide town halls. We began the series this past Wednesday night in Greenville.  In the middle of a torrential downpour and thunderstorm, over 40 residents came out to discuss the outcome of the recent ballot fight and learn more about getting involved in the continued fight for full equality in North Carolina

Executive Director for Equality NC, Stuart Campbell, began the evening discussing the battle of the past year and taking questions from the audience about efforts to connect each region of the state.  Greeneville City Councilwoman Marion Blackburn praised the campaign and coalition partners in their efforts to defeat the amendment and encouraged residents to look towards the November elections.  HRC Regional Field Organizer Chris Speer took the opportunity to discuss the campus and faith program and HRC's continued effort to support ballot campaigns across the country.  North Carolina saw an increase in the number of faith communities standing up against the amendment.  And college students across the state voted in in unprecedented numbers for a primary.

Local residents were excited about planning the next steps in their community and are looking forward to staying connected with HRC and Equality North Carolina as they work in their locally organized group, Greenville Against the Amendment.  We look forward to continuing to see positive action come from their community.

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