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HRC New York Travels to Pennsylvania to Volunteer for Obama

This post comes from Marilyn Abalos, Greater New York Political Co-Chair:

A number of HRC volunteers gave up their Saturday in New York to work with the Obama For American team in Philadelphia past weekend. Peter Pietrucha, who plays with the LGBT soccer team Ramblers, skipped practice to talk to the good people of Philly about the upcoming elections.  Isela Isaac got up extra early to travel from Brooklyn to join the HRC Team in Manhattan on the OFA Bus.  Rhonda Patillo, a veteran volunteer who once coached Chelsea Clinton on how to use the computerized phone banks for marriage equality, walked Passyunk Avenue to register new voters.  These are but a few of the volunteers whom knocked on over 2000 doors, registered 210 new voters, got nearly 500 pledges to vote, and 163 new volunteers!

"Gorgeous day and rewarding experience as always. The highlight of the day for me was our lunch break at the famous Jim's Steaks," said volunteer Rhonda Patillo. "The counter person was so happy to fill out a voter registration form despite the long line of people waiting to get a cheesesteak sandwich!" 

There are plenty of opportunities to get involved – we’ll next head to Philly on August 4th to celebrate the President’s birthday in the City of Brotherly Love. We’ll be registering voters, knocking on doors and working to educate folks about the state’s heinous new voter ID law. There’s also an opportunity to phone bank on August 7th in New York. To learn more about these opportunities, email

For more information on how you can help and get involved with HRC Greater New York, please contact David Turley at

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