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HRC Members Take Action in New York’s Campaign for Marriage

The following post comes from HRC Member Erin E. Doyle:

It just so happens that the very same day that I lost my HRC Partner lapel pin in a NYC subway train during a weekend trip, I received a great call to action by Jacob Smith, former HRC Field intern, to let me know that HRC is actively working in Buffalo to ensure Western New Yorkers elect pro-marriage equality State Senators. As a member of the Human Rights Campaign, Jacob encouraged me to volunteer on Tim Kennedy’s campaign for the New York State Senate. Tim is not only a terrific guy, offering Albany a breath of fresh politics, but he is the only candidate in full support of marriage equality in South Buffalo’s 58th State Senate District. With the organization already on my mind, thanks to my lost lapel pin, I of course couldn’t resist Jacob’s call action.

I am now actively involved with my partner in HRC’s Campaign for NY Marriage to help elect pro equality candidates and we couldn’t be happier. I am very proud to support a candidate who not only recognizes but supports my life and my union with my partner. Under the guidance of Regional Field Organizer, David Turley, we phone bank other HRC members and canvass the doors of Western New Yorkers, letting everyone know there is an option to shake up the status quo.  We’ve already succeeded in the primary, beating out a 30 year Albany incumbent, Bill Stachowski, but now it’s on to the general election.  Less than three weeks away from Election Day, the energy around the campaign is brilliant while everyone works vigorously to show Western New Yorkers that Tim deserves their vote and that we have his. Are you in the Buffalo area? Are you interested in meeting other HRC members and volunteering for a fantastic, pro-equality candidate? Please, call Regional Field Organizer David Contreras Turley at 202 330 3790 for more information.

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