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HRC Makes Comprehensive & Inclusive Immigration Reform Organizational Priority

Pride flagToday HRC released our statement on the core principles we believe must be included in comprehensive immigration reform.  These principles include nine major policy areas that demand solutions in a truly inclusive and comprehensive bill. Simply put, a good bill should acknowledge that no matter who you are, if you work hard and pay your dues, you should have a fair and equal shot at the American Dream.

A “comprehensive” bill should live up to its name. It must give everyone a fair shot, and not overlook those who need help the most—from young undocumented individuals eligible for the DREAM Act, to asylum seekers facing anti-LGBT persecution in their home countries, to individuals with HIV, to committed and loving binational LGBT couples and their families.

We must seize this moment of national consensus to pass a truly inclusive and comprehensive immigration bill. After all, people who come to this country as immigrants do so because America is still a shining beacon of hope—a place where everyone can expect a decent shot at freedom, fairness and the dream of a better life.

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