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HRC Long Island Renews Efforts for Marriage in 2011

The following post is from HRC Long Island Regional Field Organizer Dominique Salice:  

The Campaign for New York Marriage on Long Island is in full swing! With the new governor and legislative session in New York, HRC has renewed hopes that we will see marriage equality this year.

HRC is committed to passing marriage and currently has eight staff statewide focusing on the marriage fight, with two field organizers focused solely on Long Island. There is a lot of work to do and we are taking nothing for granted. We want to make sure that all Long Islanders speak out effectively in support of marriage equality and reflect the fact that the majority of Long Islanders are indeed supportive of full marriage rights. Last Wednesday, HRC Long Island held its first marriage meeting of the year at the house of Greater New York’s Political Co-Chair, Patty Ellis.

Over 40 people came to Patty’s house to discuss this year’s road to marriage. Longtime steering committee members as well as newcomers came to learn and discuss how they can take action and finally make marriage equality a reality. A diverse group all with compelling stories were in attendance, including a gay couple that have been together for over 24years who want to get married in their own state and the parents of a gay son that want to ensure he has the same rights they share. Over the coming months HRC will help Long Islanders connect with their elected officials through grassroots phonebanks, letter-writing campaigns and in-district office meetings. When the state Senate votes to end same-sex discrimination this year, Long Island Senators will know where we stand and know Long Island is ready and waiting for their long overdue action. To get involved with HRC’s Campaign for New York Marriage on Long Island, please contact me at 631-581-2565 or email me at We need you to help make marriage a reality for all New Yorkers!

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