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HRC Launches Marriage Campaign to Get Congress on Record

Capitol BuildingPost submitted by Michael Cole-Schwartz, Former HRC Director of Communications

Following President Obama’s historic statement in support of marriage equality, HRC announced an effort to encourage members of the House and Senate to join him in expressing their support. Members will be asked if they agree with the following statement:

Gay and lesbian couples should not be denied the ability to pledge their love and commitment through the civil institution of marriage.  I believe that two committed adults of the same-sex should be able to receive a government-issued marriage license, while religious institutions retain their right to determine which marriages they will perform or recognize.

Public statements that express unambiguous support for marriage for gay and lesbian couples will be considered as responsive to the statement. In addition to making this information available on HRC’s website, support for marriage equality will be noted in HRC’s 112th Congressional Scorecard, along with key votes and bill sponsorships. LGBT individuals and families have many concerns that Congress needs to address like the lack of a federal Employment Non-Discrimination Act, protections from violence, and health and safety.

To date, through an initial survey of news reports, campaign and official websites and other publicly-available materials, HRC has identified public statements for marriage equality by 85 Representatives and 26 Senators.

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