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HRC Kicks Off New Immigration Blog Series

Pride flagPost submitted by Fred Sainz, former HRC Vice President, Communications & Marketing

Over the coming weeks, HRC will chronicle the stories of a diverse group of Americans who are harmed every day by this country’s immigration laws. These individuals and the many others like them will continue to be harmed until the United States Congress passes comprehensive and LGBT-inclusive immigration reform.

Because of discriminatory federal laws like the Defense of Marriage Act, LGBT binational couples, regardless of whether they’re legally-married or not, receive absolutely no consideration by the government in immigration cases. From a simple travel visa to something as lasting as a green card or citizenship, the federal government simply doesn’t take their relationships into account. This outdated and unnecessary discrimination leaves tens of thousands of committed and loving couples with a truly painful choice between the person they love and the country they love.

It’s time to change that. The American people, members of Congress in both parties and President Obama all agree that it’s time for a comprehensive reform of our broken immigration system. In our immigration blog series, we will lift up the voices of Americans from all corners of society—business leaders, people of faith, students, and more—who are advocating for truly comprehensive reform.

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