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HRC joins Equality North Carolina Canvass in Cary, North Carolina

Last Saturday, HRC joined Equality North Carolina for a canvass in Cary to speak with constituents of state senator Stevens about a proposed constitutional amendment that would define marriage as the union of one man and one woman in the Tarheel State.  Sen. Stevens is a key vote we need to prevent Senate Bill 106 from passing.  If the proposed amendment passes both chambers of the state legislature, it will appear on the November 2012 ballot.

It was a beautiful summer day with not a gray cloud in sight. It was a perfect afternoon for a team of 17 enthusiastic canvassers to knock on doors to build constituent support.  Some of these canvassers were campaign veterans and some of them had never canvassed before.   All of the canvassers knew that writing discrimination into the state constitution is wrong.

We spoke to many people, most of whom were fully supportive of our efforts.  It was a sample of sentiments felt throughout North Carolina.

We knocked on 266 doors, spoke to 94 local constituents in Cary neighborhoods and identified 70 voters who oppose the discriminatory anti-LGBT amendment--a bill likely to be brought up during a special session of the legislature this September.

HRC and ENC will continue to work together throughout the summer until the likely vote in September, to do more canvassing and phone banks from ENC headquarters in Raleigh and around the state. If you want to volunteer, contact

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