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HRC Hosts 5th Annual GLOE Rainbow Seder

The following blog post comes from Hannah Henschel, HRC Jewish Organization Equality Index Intern:

Washington, D.C.’s 5th annual Rainbow Seder took place this past Sunday with nearly 100 attendees from across the local region – the largest Rainbow Seder to date! HRC was honored to again host this unique celebration of Passover organized by the DC Jewish Community Center’s Kurlander Program for GLBT Outreach and Engagement (GLOE). This is one of GLOE’s most popular programs and it’s no wonder – the technicolor evening was filled with beautiful decor, unique queer Jewish rituals, delicious food and engaging conversations with new and old friends. 

The celebration of Passover is central to Jewish identity as it commemorates the Jewish emancipation from slavery in Egypt, as recounted in the book of Exodus, and calls on us to remember and end the oppression of “strangers” in every generation (learn more).  In the spirit of the holiday, Public Religion Research released a survey just this week on Jewish values finding 84% of American Jews say that pursuing justice is “somewhat” or “very important” and informs their political activity.  Additionally the survey found that 81% of the Jewish community supports full marriage equality! 

HRC would like to wish everyone a joyous, just and redemptive Pesach!

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