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HRC hits the ground in New Hampshire

State Senator Martha Fuller BrownHRC has hit the ground in New Hampshire and things are off to a running start in the Granite State. New Hampshire is a key state in the repeal of Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell this year. Unfortunately, neither Senator Gregg nor Senator Shaheen have committed to supporting repeal language in the National Defense Authorization Bill, which will come before the full Senate in as little as four weeks. This is the final hurdle to dismantling this discriminatory law, and we need every supporter in New Hampshire to get involved.

I’ve already met and chatted with numerous supporters, one of them being State Senator Martha Fuller Clark, who has graciously opened her home to me here on the seacoast. Senator Clark gave a proclamation on behalf of the Governor to kick off New Hampshire’s annual Lighthouse Week here in Portsmouth, and I had the opportunity

to engage several of the speakers and audience members in our work.

As this is the final push, we need all hands on deck. There will be many opportunities in the coming weeks to get involved, so please let me know if you are able to lend your voice to this important issue by emailing me at Stay tuned, Manchester and Concord are next!

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