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HRC Founding Board Member, First Gay U.S. Ambassador’s Book Out Today

James C. Hormel’s Fit to Serve, in which he chronicles his journey toward becoming the first openly gay U.S. ambassador, is now available.

Fit to Serve illuminates Hormel—whose grandfather founded Hormel Foods, the meat company that produced SPAM—as not only a philanthropist, but also a life-long LGBT activist.

In addition to his appointment as ambassador to Luxembourg from 1999 to 2000, Hormel served as one of the founding board members of the Human Rights Campaign.  

“I became occupied by the imperatives of tearing down racial barriers and, eventually, eliminating discrimination based on sexual orientation and identity,” Hormel said of his ascent to U.S. politics.

“What came to me after many years of self-exploration and reflection was a mandate to devote my human faculties and financial resources to building a better world, one in which equality and personal freedoms were extended to all.”

Fit to Serve: Reflections on a Secret Life, Private Struggle, and Public Battle to Become the First Openly Gay U.S. Ambassador is out today. 

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