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HRC Endorses Reintroduction of the DREAM Act

Yesterday, Senators Harry Reid (D-NV) and Dick Durbin (D-IL) and Representative Howard Berman (D-CA) reintroduced legislation that that would make undocumented youth eligible for a path to citizenship as they complete a college degree or two years of military service (the “DREAM Act”).    HRC recognizes the importance of this legislation, as well as the need for Congress to address our nation’s broken immigration system.

Last year, four students from Florida – Felipe Matos, Gaby Pacheco, Carlos Roa, and Juan Rodriguez – embarked on a 1,500-mile journey from Miami to our nation’s capitol to spotlight the DREAM Act.  As part of their journey, these students visited the HRC office to discuss the intersection of LGBT rights and undocumented youth.  Like the LGBT community, the undocumented immigrant community is often marginalized by society.  It is exposed to deep-seeded hatred, discrimination and hate violence – issues that are all too familiar to the LGBT community.  In addition, much like the pre-Lawrence sodomy statutes that criminalized lesbian and gay relationships, measures, such as the draconian Arizona law that passed last year, dehumanize and criminalize an entire community of people based on their actual or perceived immigration status.

Immigration reform proposals, such as the DREAM Act, deserve the attention of Congress.  As we continue to advocate for LGBT-inclusive immigration reform measures such as the Uniting American Families Act and Reuniting Families Act, we stand in unity with our friends working to reform the entire immigration system.

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