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HRC Endorses Mazie Hirono for U.S. Senate

Post submitted by Paul Guequierre, HRC Staff

HRC is proud to endorse Congresswoman Mazie Hirono for the U.S. Senate from Hawaii.  Mazie, who has always scored a 100 percent on HRC’s Congressional Scorecard, is a champion of LGBT rights. 

Mazie’s opponent, former Governor Linda Lingle, vetoed a commonsense civil unions bill that would have given gay and lesbian couples equal treatment under the law.  That was just two short years ago in 2010.  At that time, the vast majority of American’s supported civil unions and support for marriage equality was quickly approaching the milestone 50 percent mark.  Despite those numbers, Lingle compared marriage equality to incest, saying, "But people on the other side would point out, well, we don’t allow other people to marry even — it’s not a civil right for them. First cousins couldn’t marry, or a brother and a sister and that sort of thing."

Now, over half of Americans support marriage equality and support for civil unions is off the charts.  Mazie is with the majority of Americans in supporting marriage equality.  Linda Lingle’s views on equality are outdated and out of touch.  Mazie Hirono’s fair-minded beliefs are needed in the halls of the Senate.

Please help Mazie Hirono defeat the out-of-touch and anti-equality Lingle.  Contribute at

Paid for by Human Rights Campaign PAC and authorized by Mazie for Hawaii.
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