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HRC Delivers Unprecedented 25,000 Marriage Equality Postcards to New York Lawmakers

Yesterday, HRC field staff delivered an unprecedented 25,000 postcards signed by New Yorkers in support of marriage equality to state legislators.  The postcards, collected by HRC and the New Yorkers United for Marriage coalition, came from people of all walks of life; young and old, black and white, LGBT an straight.   These postcards represent only a small fraction of the 58% of New Yorkers who support marriage equality.  Its time the legislators in Albany listen to their constituents and allow loving and committed same-sex couples to legally marry.

Want to get involved in the fight for marriage in New York?  Join Us!  Visit and learn about how you can make a difference.  HRC is proud to be part of the New Yorkers United for Marriage coalition and we will continue fighting until New York has full marriage equality!

Photo from Glenn Davenport

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