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HRC Contributes to Iowa Fair Courts Campaign to Counter NOM’s Deceptive Bus Tour

One of the battlegrounds for LGBT equality in the coming days is Iowa. Beginning Monday, the hardcore anti-gay groups—Family Research Council, National Organization for Marriage, the American Family Association— and former Republican Senator Rick Santorum--are swooping into Iowa next week for a bus tour to help defeat three of the justices who ruled for Iowa marriage equality in 2009.  The tour, they say, will make 20 stops and hit 45 of Iowa's 99 counties. One of the leaders involved in this Iowa effort has said, “Homosexuals should be disqualified from public office.” The bus tour is not really about what’s going on in the Hawkeye state.  It’s about firing a warning shot to judges all across the country: If you fairly interpret the law in a way that goes against our radical ideology, we’re coming after you.  Even if these out-of-state groups win, nothing changes.  Same-sex marriage remains legal in Iowa. One Iowa, HRC, and the Courage Campaign will be closely tracking the events in Iowa next week. As part of this effort HRC has made a $25,000 contribution to the Fair Courts for Us Committee, a grassroots effort organized to help educate the public about the advantages of an independent judiciary. To see how contentious things are in Iowa, check out this YouTube video.

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