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HRC Congressional Scorecards’ Worst Offenders

Analysis of the Congressional Scorecard for the 112th Congress shows that largely, legislators are out of touch on LGBT equality. However, a handful of Congress members stand above the rest for consistently scoring zero percent on every scorecard since the 108th Congress.

We took a look at some of these members -- a list that includes the likes of Rep. Mike Rogers, Rep. Todd Akin, Rep. Joe Wilson, Sen. David Vitter, Sen. James Inhofe, Sen. Kay Bailey Hutchison and Sen. Mike Crapo – and found that several will face off against HRC-endorsed candidates this Tuesday.

These fair-minded candidates face tough races at home, many attempting to beat out anti-equality leaders that have long held seats in Congress:

  •  In California, Republican Rep. Dan Lungren will face off against HRC-endorsed Democrat Ami Bera, and fair-minded leader Scott Peters will take on Republican Rep. Brian Bilbray.
  • In Iowa, equality-supporter Christie Vilsack will take on incumbent Republican Rep. Steven A. King for a seat in U.S House of Representatives.
  • In Minnesota Republican Rep. John Kline is running against HRC-endorsed Mike Obermuller.
  • Missouri Rep. Todd Akin is running for Senate against the HRC-endorsed Democratic Sen. Claire McCaskill.

It’s also worth noting, vice presidential nominee Paul Ryan scored zero percent every year, except the 110th Congress, when he scored 10 percent. While Ryan received a 10 percent that Congress for voting for the Employment Non-Discrimination Act, it is important to note that he first voted to reject the legislation by voting for a procedural motion Republican leaders put forward to kill the bill. 

Time is running out to support equality-minded leadership in Congress. Check out HRC’s Election Center to stay up-to-date and learn how to get involved.

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