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HRC Colorado Spotlight: Pat Steadman

by Mike Yost

We all know that Colorado State Senator Pat Steadman (SD 31) introduced the Civil Unions Bill this year on the fist day of legislation.  But did you know he’s been fighting for the rights of LGBT Coloradans for twenty years?

Steadman graduated from Westminster High School and acquired his law degree at the University of Colorado School of Law.  Right out of the gate, Steadman took on the notorious Amendment 2 in 1992, fighting it all the way to the Supreme Court where it was ruled unconstitutional.  In 2005, Steadman helped add gender identity and sexual orientation to Colorado’s hate-crimes bill.  Two years later, Steadman drafted a non-discrimination act to include sexual orientation and gender identity.  That same year, he also drafted legislation to assist gay couples adopting children.  In 2008, Steadman worked to add sexual orientation and gender identity to every non-discrimination Colorado statute.
Governor Hickenlooper (then Mayor) appointed Steadman to the Denver GLBT Commission.  Steadman has worked with large non-profit groups like One Colorado and HRC Colorado as well as smaller, locally based LGBT projects such as to further gay rights and inform the public about issues relevant to the LGBT community.  When Steadman introduced the Civil Unions Bill to the Colorado legislature this year, he said in his blog, “SB 2 is about inclusion and opportunity.  It empowers personal responsibility.  It creates a bond of commitment between two people that only legal proceedings under the provisions of Colorado law may set aside...It will strengthen families and protect children across Colorado.”

The LGBT community has a strong ally in Senator Pat Steadman, not only in the fight for civil unions, but for gay rights in general.  Whatever the outcome of SB 2 this year, Steadman will continue to ensure the rights of LGBT individuals living in Colorado are recognized and protected.

Senator Steadman lives in Capitol Hill with his partner, Dave Misner, and their dog, Marvin.  Be sure to check out Steadman's website for events, information on upcoming legislation, and updates on the status of SB 2.